Instill these 5 Simple Tips in Your Mind

Posted: 26 October, 2008 in Tips

Be Honest
The most simple yet most powerful thing you can do in any leadership role is to be truthful in every decision and interaction you make.

Keep to Your Word
Show subordinates you mean business by practising what you preach. People may obey you as a leader because of your title, but it doesn’t mean you have credibility when it comes to gaining their trust during challenging times. That is the situation you face if you are the type who makes empty promises.

Know What is Attainable
You can accomplish big things with your team by starting on achieving small and short-term goals. Assure your subordinates that these goals can be attained and guide them with careful consideration to your directives. Small victories will add up quickly, boost people’s morale and create the momentum for tougher challenges and new directions.

Be Accountable for Your Mistakes
Nobody is perfect, even if you are convinced you are impeccably careful in ironing out errors. Go ahead and stand corrected rather than cover up or pinpoint the blame on someone else. People can forgive a mistake, but if you violate their trust you will find it difficult to regain their belief in you.

Show Genuine Interest
Establish a real concern for the success of your subordinates. You can improve your communication and rapport with them by learning what it is they do, listening to their feedback and suggestions, and most importantly, giving credit where credit is due. You work as a team and even though you might be the leader, share the glory to those you contributed. Your success depends on their success.


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