We All Change and Grow!

Posted: 9 November, 2008 in Motivation

People change as time goes
Some change fast, some change slow.
Who will we be when we all get old?
Will our hearts be warm or become dark and cold?

If we change, do our hearts change also?
Does love change who we are or does it change our hearts into gold?
Does change, change what’s in our souls?

Is it bad to change when our last chapter of life is to be told?
If we change, and our friends change, will I then be left all alone?
After we change, will there still be someone there for us when we fall
and can’t get up on our own?

Sometimes change helps us grow
Sometimes change makes us have to let the things and people we love go.

Change may be something we want or don’t.
Change may help us and sometimes it won’t.
All we can do is go with the flow
And hope that good things will then follow.

Stories of changes may be told
And many will someday be retold.
Don’t be afraid of change; let it show.
Memories are things that you must hold.
Don’t be ashamed of who you’ll become,
for we all change and grow.


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