Receive the Best Miracle for Your Life

Posted: 25 July, 2009 in Faith

Don’t Give Up. Do What You Can. And Let God Surprise You!

Andrea Helene Gogna shows us that nothing is impossible with God
It’s true. Laughter can wipe a million tears away. Let me introduce you to baby Andrea Helene Gogna. She is the gorgeous angel of Arun and Lalaine Gogna. Arun Gogna is one of your terrific Kerygma Preachers and Lalaine is one of my wife’s best friends.

Haven’t you noticed?
These days, babies come with two names. I have yet to meet a baby with only one. But after 9 long years of waiting, Arun and Lalaine could have given their little one 9 names and no one would have complained.

Yes, for 9 years, they prayed for a baby. For 9 years, they longed to fill an empty womb. For 9 years, they visited many doctors, took many injections, went through medical procedures that cost them the moon and the stars.

And not a single one of them worked. Not one! I remember those painful times when my wife had to call Lalaine to comfort her. What would she say? What words can reach a grief so deep? So together, both women would cry on the phone as one more medical procedure would fail.

It was actually when they gave up and were not into many medical procedure—when Andrea Helene came exploding through their world. It was six in the morning when Lalaine shook Arun awake. She held the tiny white pregnancy strip in front of his face. With streaming tears and a trembling voice, she said, “Love, there are two blue lines… That means you’re a father…”

They’ve never seen two lines before. For 9 years, that tiny white pregnancy strip always showed them one line. Always being the hilarious one, Arun asked his wife,“Are you sure you didn’t draw that second line in?” For all those 9 years of waiting, they wept a million tears. But on that lovely day, their laughter wiped all those tears away.

Last week, I attended Helene’s happy baptism. But it wasn’t just a baptism. It was a celebration of faith.
That miracles still do happen. As I write this story, I know that there are many parents reading this who are praying for a baby. Perhaps longer than 9 years.

I have three things to say to you.

First, do not lose hope. There is absolutely nothing impossible with God.

Second, do what you can. To be physically rested, Prof. Arun gave up his teaching job in La Salle and Dra. Lalaine decreased her dental clinic hours. She also went through surgery to remove myomas in her uterus. But ultimately, they surrendered to God.

Third, let God surprise you.

I have other friends who for years prayed for their own child. To some of them, God gave them the surprising miracle of adoption. Friends, adoption is one of the greatest expressions of love in this entire universe. I’m not kidding. How can you welcome a total stranger in your home and make her your flesh and blood? It is an absurd act that only the Almighty can invent. But that’s why adoption has God’s fingerprints all over it.

Friend, you may not be praying for a baby.
Maybe you’re praying for healing. Maybe you’re asking for a new job.
Maybe you want to migrate to another country.
Maybe you want to get married.

I have the same three words for you.

Do not give up.
Do what you can.
And let God surprise you.

Your job is to welcome His best miracle for your life.

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

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