No Mountains Is Too High To Reach

Posted: 28 July, 2009 in Inspiration

We can attain the un-attainable.
No mountain can stand in our way,
if we don’t let it overtake us.

No mountain is too high to climb.
We can reach the top in due time,
and simplicity, we will find.

We can also reach for the stars.
It may seem a little farther away,
but it can be attained, just the same.

Don’t be mis-lead or taken astray.
Don’t let someone cause you dismay,
and make you think, you cannot make it.

We can achieve climbing any mountain,
that we choose to climb,
even it is, the highest of peaks.

All we have to do is believe,
in ourselves,
and the top, we will reach.

Just set your sites, and reach up high.
Seek to find the biggest and best,
and you will conquer, and win the test.

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